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  • Mirror De-Misters

    Bathroom Mirror Demisting Heat Pads are designed to provide a steam free bathroom mirror. Available in a wide range of sizes and shapes our demister pads will not only provide a clear mirror to look through but add a touch of luxury to your bathroom. Available in square round and oval shapes to suit your chosen mirror, our pads are once installed will simply activate when the bathroom lights are turned on. Each Pad is ultra thin, very simple to fit and extremely cheap to run

    Available in the following sizes:

    270 x 270 square
    270 x 470 square
    270 x 570 square
    370 x 570 square
    470 x 570 square
    570 x 570 square
    570 x 800 square
    570 x 1100 square
    370 x 370 circular
    470 x 470 circular
    570 x 570 circular
    270 x 370 oval
    370 x 570 oval